Meat Injector Butcher BBQ

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Made by Butcher BBQ - As seen on BBQ Pitmasters

  • Inject marinades and flavorings into meat and poultry
  • Add liquor to fruit for gourmet treats
  • Super sharp needles for easy usage
  • 60 ml

"For the perfect flavor combination inject with any of our world championship beef, pork or poultry injections.  Then apply our award winning seasonings and sauce to finalize that amazing flavor and make EVERY meal, you BEST." - David Bouska

Instructions: Apply the needle to the injector by twisting.  Place tip of needle in the marinade and slowly pull back on the plunger till desired amount is reached.  Place the needle into the center of the meat.  While slowly pulling out the needle squeeze the plunger allowing the marinade to flavor your favorite meat.  Repeat this through out the entire product allowing the meat to be completely injected.  Apply your favorite rub to maximize flavor.  When finished either cook immediately or return the meat to refrigeration.  Always wash by hand the complete injector and apply a lite coat of vegetable oil to the rubber gasket.  

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