Buy Fireworks in Kansas City We Sale The Best

The Best Fireworks For Sale in Kansas city

Save-U-More Fireworks Sales inside BBQ Bonanza  it is COOL inside we Have lots Black Cat brand and lots more. We will Open June 29 and sell till July 4 th. We can only SALE in Store NOT on line at are located at

737 Kansas ave. Kansas City Kansas 66105 913-281-5111  

We have ONE FIREWORKS SUPPER STORE and a new web site GO to 

Fireworks for sale in Kansas City this is where you can Buy the BEST
 Hours: 9 AM to 10 PM June 29th - July 4th 2021
We strive to provide the best value and quality for all you Fireworks Maniacs! 
WE Now Sale
WEDDING SPARKLERS and Smoke Bombs & Fireworks Novelties
737 Kansas Ave.Kansas city Kansas 66105

50% OFF ALL FIREWORKS in the store
YOU do not need A COUPON !
We Accept Master Card, Visa and Discover!

THE GODFATHER  Assortment $880.00 reg  You Pay $440.00 Pre Sale (6/1/2020 -6/29/2020 $399.99)

KING OF THE BLOCK Assortment $610.00 reg  You Pay $310.00 Pre Sale (6/1/2020 -6/29/2020 $279.99)

Firecrackers 16000 Roll $120.00 reg  You Pay Pre Sale (6/1/2020 -6/29/2020 $59.99)
Smoke Balls $1.98 reg 
You Pay $0.99
Small Tanks 
$0.80 reg You Pay $0.40
Jumping Jacks $0.40 reg You Pay $0.20 (Brick of 48 $7.99 reg You Pay $3.99)
Small Snap Pops $1.00 reg You Pay $0.49
BC Little Dynamite $2.50 reg You Pay $1.25


HUGE Variety
Assortment,Novelties, Parachutes, Roman Candles, Artillery Shells, Planes, Spinners, Firecrackers, Smoke Items, Sparklers, Fountains... and the list goes on!

*Air Conditioned Warehouse*
737 Kansas Av.
Kansas City, KS 66106
We are selling Fireworks in My BBQ Store
Call Bob 913-963-9182 
Toll Free 1-866-312-5111
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