Lumber Jack 100% Hickory Pellets

BBQ Bonanza

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BBQ with the Best your food will have a delicious, smoky flavor when you cook with the Lumber Jack Pellets. This one is the 100% Hickory it tastes Great when you cook pork, chicken,Beef,Pizza, and More.Try them the next time you cook BBQ. These are  in a 20-pound bag.

We have a large Selection of BBQ Pellets Food grade in our Store.



  • Pellet Price:12.50 in Store
  • Call about Shipping 913-281-5111
  • Grilling Smoking BBQ pellets

  • Hickory flavor

  • Blend consists of 100% Hickory

  • Size: 20 lb. bag

  • Brand: Lumber Jack

  • Food Grade

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