6" BBQ Grill Smoker Stove Fire Pit Spring Handle -Stainless Steel - 1/2"

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These are Brand New BBQ Stainless Spring Handle's (6" Long) 
6" long with 1/2" opening on each end. 

See what we Sell that is Made In America

This is A MUST when building custom BBQ pits, Barbecue grills, Fireplaces or Barbecue Smokers. 

They are great when you need to replace worn-out/rusted Spring handles on other BBQ smoker pits.

You can also add Stainless steel spring handles to BBQ Tools.  

Steel spring handles measures 5" in length
.148  Stainless Steel 
Center OD 1.5"
length 6"

You do not need to paint these they will not rust but you can customize them...  Black or Red or Blue or Whatever Have FUN!!!
(You can get spray paint at your local hardware store to paint)

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