BBQr's Delight Contest Mix hard wood blend Pellets

BBQr's Delight

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BBQr's Delight Pellets are made of 100% wood.  This  is Pecan & Oak & Cherry sawdust wood sawdust.  This guarantees high BTU, clean-burning pellet-fired cooker, assuring good eating results!  These pellets have been made with clean, low-bark sawdust using no petroleum products for lubrication of machinery. 

These are FOOD GRADE wood pellets designed for use in outdoor cookers (not for ingestion).

To use:  Load pellets in your cooker's pellet hopper and operate as the manufacturer suggests.  Always clear the hopper and the feed system of the pellet cooker before storage.  Pellets can absorb moisture and cause a jam in the pellet feed system.  Always store opened pellets in a sealed container.

20 lb bag.

Made in the USA

Can be used in any brand pellet grill:  Green Mountain, Louisiana, Pit Boss, Traeger, Rec Tec, etc.

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