Pistol Grip Meat Injector Butcher BBQ

Butchers BBQ

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Made by Butcher BBQ - As seen on BBQ Pitmasters


  • 2" needles
  • 1.5" needle
  • Replacement Gaskets
  • Cleaning Brush

EASY to use, great for beginning or advanced cooks. 

"For the perfect flavor combination inject with any of our world championship beef, pork or poultry injections.  Then apply our award winning seasonings and sauce to finalize that amazing flavor and make EVERY meal, you BEST." - David Bouska

General Instructions:  Select and attach appropriate needle to injector hub.  For meat with high fat content use the 2 inch needle - the size holes prevent fat from clogging the needle.  For other meats use the 1.5 inch needle - open end for direct use.  Place the open end of the needle int he injection solution and slowly pull back on the silver knob located on the back of the tool (Opposite end of the needle).  Place the needle into the center of the meat.  While squeezing the handle, slowly pull the needle out so the injection covers different layers throughout the meat.  Repeat the process in a checkerboard pattern to ensure the injection covers the entire product.

Further cleaning, storage and trouble shooting instructions included with the injector.  


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