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Lumber Jack Italian Spice (Garlic) Pellets

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BBQ with the Best your food will have a delicious, smoky flavor when you cook with the Lumber Jack Pellets. This one is the Italian Spice (Garlic) Blend. It tastes Great when you cook pork, chicken, Beef, Pizza, and more. Try them the next time you cook BBQ. These come in a 20-pound bag.

Use this for a rich flavor with a bit of a bite.  Used with meats, veggies and breads!

We have a large Selection of BBQ Pellets Food grade in our Store.

Some People say the Wood Pellets are all the same Wrong there is food grade and the rest are made for heat NOT FOOD!! you pay too much for your MEAT!

Most Heat Pellets make BAD BBQ (I KNOW)


  • Pellet Price:12.50 in Store
  • Call about Shipping 913-281-5111
  • Grilling Smoking BBQ pellets

  • Italian Spice (Garlic) Pellets

  • Size: 20 lb. bag

  • Brand: Lumber Jack

  • Food Grade

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